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Longest absence: 265 days (03/26/18 - 12/16/18)

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8/8 = 100%
January: 26
February: 15
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October: 2
November: 30
December: 5

78/365 = 21.37%
January: --
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November: --
December: 16

17/365 = 4.66%
January: 22

?/365 = ?%

To Do: · Add beaten games for 2017 and 2018. 12/16/18
    · Add times and exact dates to beaten games where possible.
    · Update Galaga score. 12/17/18
    · Add image to Galaga score. 12/23/18
    · Translate the rest of the fan comics sitting in my folder.
    · Add dates to high scores (if/where possible).
    · Replace quiet YYH song in front page playlist with a louder version. 12/28/18
    · Possibly change the vertical position of the small sprites at the bottom of the screen (top or centered).
    · Host the front page playlist somewhere different. Add some more songs to fill it out.
    · Make some video game related pictures open/close instead of linking directly to the pictures.

[01/22/19] Put the mistral sprite on the 'Online Profile' page as well.

[01/21/19] Why play new games when you can replay old ones? *shrug* Added an entry to the 'Progress' page, on my replay of .hack//Infection, because I'm a masochist, apparently.

[01/20/19] Edited the 'Pocket Bishonen' page a bit.

[01/19/19] Added the 'Internet' section and 'Pocket Bishonen' page, which includes the two I've caught so far! Other sites are already getting back into it- consider joining in too!

[01/18/19] 'Good Tunes'. Can you tell what one of my favorite genres is? And artists? Would listing the same artist and genre multiple times ruin the point of "showing new things a little? Possibly, probably, somewhat, I suppose. But for real, Fall in Love is one of the first FF tracks I heard, that one fateful night. So I've come to consider it /core/ future funk, and how could I not show that off?

[01/17/19] I'm great at html :^)

[01/16/19] Two words: pocket bishounen. Only the badge is there at the moment, though I've caught a couple already lol. But, I could've sworn the old site was archived along with all the bishis?! Hopefully the original still exists in full somewhere. Pocket bishoujo is dead as well. ;-; If the bishis came back, maybe someone will revive it...? (Considers current amount of free time)

[01/15/19] Did over the front page playlist completely. Might add some more songs later.

[01/14/19] Listed another song on 'Good Tunes'. Best song discovery of 2019 so far gotta say.

[01/13/19] Changed 'Game Schedule' and the front page because I've gotten back to Devil May Cry again.

[01/12/19] Listed another song on 'Good Tunes'. BoA is a classic but my heart's never moved on.

[01/11/19] Added an entry to the 'Progress' page. Giving a go at the first Castlevania.

[01/10/19] Listed another song on 'Good Tunes'. B'z is amazing, that is all.

[01/09/19] Listed another song on 'Good Tunes'. Dubious title, but man I didn't know what grooving was till I first heard it. Also forgot to cross off one of the items on the to-do list, so that's fixed.

[01/08/19] Added a book to the Currently Reading section of the front page.

[01/07/19] Just noticed I've still been adding to the 2018 December counter on this page on accident. Added a 2019 table and fixed the days for December, and added the correct amount of days for this January. Since 2018 is completed it now lists the percentage of update days for the year, also fixed 2017's since it said 21.67% when it should have been 21.37% (a typo I just didn't notice?).

[01/06/19] Changed a little bit of the formatting of stuff added yesterday.

[01/05/19] Added a picture of the end game screen for Simon's Quest on 'Games Beaten'. Thinking about putting end screen pictures only on that page, then putting those as well as extra ones on the 'Progress' page- since that one is more blog-style, and 'Games Beaten' is kinda "just the facts". For now the pictures are linked, might make it an open/close thing later.

[01/04/19] Fixed a typo on here. Lazy day.

[01/03/19] Last entry for Simon's Quest, finished at around 5AM lol. Had a nice hearty breakfast afterwards, and I like to think that the surprise trip to the diner is a celebration of my victory. The 'Games Beaten' pages were also updated (forgot to change the number of total games beaten from "1" for both of the pages), and added one for 2019.

[01/02/19] Another entry for Simon's Quest on the vg 'Progress' page.

[01/01/19] Listed another song on 'Good Tunes', the End Game Result theme in Silent Hill. Really good track you'll usually only hear for a minute at most, and it's one of my favorites from the series. Also updated the vg 'Progress' page with some Simon's Quest, which I decided to have a go at this New Year's day.

[12/31/18] Added a 'Progress' page under the 'Video Games' section, to write random stuff about how my playthroughs are going. Will probably organize it into sections by game and/or date if I use it enough.

[12/30/18] Updated update log for yesterday (my baddd). Added a line about the last update on the front page, since just a streak count isn't the most informative.

[12/29/18] Fixed a formatting inconsistency on this page.

[12/28/18] Changed the video for one of the songs in the front page playlist since I noticed it was significantly quieter than the rest. That also brought me to notice that youtube removed some videos! Hate it when that happens. So I guess I'll have to find some more songs to put on there, as well as consider hosting them on an external site.

[12/27/18] Aligned the Mistral sprite on the front page a little better. Don't know why I didn't notice before. Still isn't perfect but it's about good enough.

[12/26/18] Added a short explanation of the categories as well as some more games to 'Game Schedule'. Somehow I forgot I was playing Danganronpa 2? Or did I accidentally remove it from the front page? Can't remember...
[12/25/18] Organized and changed the 'Game Schedule' page to be updated and more accurate (lol), made categories. Will probably write something declaring what the categories mean exactly. Also changed the front page a bit to reflect this.

[12/24/18] Updated 'Games Beaten 2018' with the date beaten and play time of Persona 3 and the date for Danganronpa.

[12/23/18] Added a picture of my current Galaga high score to the 'High Scores' page.

[12/22/18] Updated 'Games Beaten 2017' with the date beaten and final game time of Persona 5.

[12/21/18] Added date of the newest Galaga high score, have to see if I can find the date of the old one.

[12/20/18] Added some sprites at the bottom of the site. Also made a js file for that section of the site, since it's easier to update all the pages that way and it's the same method I use for the navigation sections, and of course updated all the site's pages to use it.

[12/19/18] Fixed a little formatting on the 'Games Beaten 2018' page. Woops.

[12/18/18] Forgot that I beat Danganronpa this year so I put it on the 'Games Beaten' page. Fan translation > official translation fight me. Why is "Super Duper" better than "Ultimate" you don't ask me? Because like much of the rest of the game it's a part of the contrast between silliness and horror. "Super Duper Despair" sounds unhinged, "Ultimate Despair" sounds like Kingdom Hearts levels of deep. Thank you for reading my Master's thesis.

[12/17/18] Put up my current high score in Galaga. Moved the 'Good Tunes' page to its own section on the right-hand site nav, since I overlooked the fact it was no longer (necessarily) video game related (though that fact never stops some people..).

[12/16/18] There goes my commitment. Updated the the front page and added a Status section, 'Online Profile' page, updated the games beaten pages including a long overdue page for 2018. Decided to change the'OST of the Day' page to 'Good Tunes' instead, in order to highlight music that may not be the most well known. At the very least you won't see Green Day or Led Zeppelin on there, is the idea. Hopefully this will stick? I've changed that page's function too many times...

[03/26/18] My belated New Year's Commitment: Never to have to use the "How many days since..." calculator again.
Just updated the front page and video games section a little, need to do some bigger changes to the video games section though.

[10/30/17] Wow...
Very slightly changed the 'Translations' page layout, changed 'OST Recommendations' to 'OST of the Day'. Removed comments because they were kind of silly. Updated the right nav.

[02/15/17] I was silly, it would only play the first song. Then I was ultra-silly trying to get a playlist to play. Then eventually I found that I could just go the the playlist on YT and click share....I was making it....way harder than it needed to be. Why I didn't check if that was a thing, I have no clue. There are no words to describe how stupid I feel right now. Maybe I'm already becoming old?! What's next, asking youngins how to work my dang phone? Also changed the main page title to "Rainy Days". We're setting records where I live, so it's only fitting. Man, what's more romantic than heavy rain in February, listening to Yu Yu Hakusho endings, and looking at the neon lights out the window? Probably many things, but to me, it's fantastically romantic. Not necessarily romantic romantic, but like, romantic. It's nice, usually we don't get too much rain except in October/November, and any other time of the year it just sprinkles sometimes. So I'm definitely okay with this! Going to emulate some PC-98 games, eat Lucky sticks, and drink this lovely tea.

[02/14/17] Added a music player to the main page. Only a few songs there right now, but I'll add more over time.

[02/06/17] Changed the title of the main page to "Snowfall...".

[02/02/17] Added the "OST Recommendations" page under "Video Games". Added a new entry in "OST Recommendations", and will do so daily. Though it's a daily thing, I'll try my best not to just throw filler into it, a.k.a. music everyone already knows and loves (Stickerbrush Symphony, Lost Woods, etc. etc.). No point in that. So instead I'll try to include OST from random games I've been playing and whatever else comes to mind. There are a few songs in popular or well-known games that I think get overlooked that I will probably add at some point, and of course the .hack// OST is god-tier (I'll definitely include some of it, but I don't want to resort to using it as filler either, since it's all so good. Probably will just do one every now and again. Or so I say...). Changed the sidebar to reflect the change.

[02/01/17] So. I removed a bunch of pages that really I wasn't going to get around to. I was trying to do too much at one time, instead of doing things at my own pace and making a page for it if I wanted to. Some of the pages are gone since they weren't in use anyway, some of them moved, made a new category to put things in. All in all it's a lot neater and had less blank pages taking up space, so now it isn't so bloated with nothing. Also added a "Room" button to the sidebars. Updated the sidebars to reflect all the changes.

[01/31/17] Added a new favorite color. I don't think I ever realized until now that I really like dark purple. Changed the wording of the agenda items to make more sense. Expect actual content tomorrow lol.

[01/30/17] Added the "Game Schedule", "Games Beaten 2017", and "Video Games" pages. Moved "High Scores" under "Video Games". Changed a slight formatting inconsistency throughout the pages.

[01/29/17] Added my most recent high score for Galaga, since it's the only one I remember lol. It's a lot of fun, even though I'm a noob.

[01/28/17] Added the "Programs" and "High Scores" pages. Changed the sidebars to reflect the changes and changed the page template so it incorporated recent site updates.

[01/27/17] Fixed some of the messy and inconsistent formatting as a result of stuff done the day before.

[01/26/17] Added pictures to the bottom of the page. Changed the site's header image. Just discovered Notepad++'s "find and replace" function. Thank. God.

[01/25/17] Changed "Online Profile" picture since it isn't Christmas time anymore...

[01/24/17] Added more pictures, getting close to done with the first Game Finder.

[01/23/17] Added some pictures to be used soon (probably).

[01/22/17] Made a better template to make new pages with.

[01/21/17 Testing out some CSS.

[01/20/17] Worked on some details about organizing Game Finder in general.

[01/19/17] Worked on the first entry for Game Finder.

[01/18/17] Changed the two new pages (entrance and secret) so they look and work better.

[01/17/17] Added a secret page to post scraps of things that aren't done...

[01/16/17] Beat .hack//G.U. Vol. 1. First game of the year beaten! Not sure if I want to play the next two games in Japanese since it's what I have available, or buy them in English... I guess I'll want to own them at some point, might as well get them now...

[01/15/17] Changed how a few of the pages and folders were organized and named. Worked on some stuff for the site that isn't done yet, but might be tomorrow.

[01/14/17] Added the "Game Finder" page and its TurboGrafx-16/PC Engine subpage. Changed sidebar to reflect changes.

[01/13/17] Fixed some formatting mistakes and a typo.

[01/12/17] Added 2 Undertale fan comics.

[01/11/17] Added the "Fan Comics" and "Undertale Fan Comics" pages, content to "Translations"/"Fan Comics"/ "Undertale Fan Comics" including 5 translated Undertale fan comics. Changed the "Translations" page, along with its subpages, so they're functional, "Guides" to "VG Guides", and some formatting in many of the pages. Removed the now obsolete "Guides" page. Also removed the "Fanart" page since I decided not to do it, as I'm not as passionate about art as I used to be. Especially now that I've thought of other content, there's no real need for it. Sidebar was updated to reflect the changes.

[01/10/17] Added the "52 Game Challenge" page and a link for it in the sidebar. Did a ton of other stuff today that isn't ready to be uploaded yet.

[01/07/17] Added the "Translations" page and a link for it in the sidebar. Changed the titles of the pages so they say what they are. I've given myself a bit of work to do for the next few days to keep myself busy. Might try to do some more translating when I get close to finishing what I need to do currently. Unfortunately I gotta force myself to do some studying too.

[01/06/17] Removed two obsolete pages. Emptied "Guides" and "Fanart". Changed navigation sidebars, redone as javascript files so editing them would be much easier, changed the table so its cells are fixed, changed every page in some way. This took way longer than it should have, I need to sleep, but it's already 3:55 AM...

[01/05/17] Added the "Agenda" page, "Update Log & Stats" page, and "Main" category. Changed "Room" link color and size. Moved "Online Profile" to "Other". Added links in navigation sidebar to the new pages.