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[01/21/19] (REPLAY) .hack//Infection: So I started another playthrough a while ago. Then got back to it. Then remembered why I stopped playing. Freaking Elk calling me out for no reason. Freaking data bug with dumb attacks. Freaking useless Mia. It's like the third hardest dungeon in the game, and I already did the other two, never mind the fact I've beaten the game before. But this is the dungeon that made me put down the game for a while. In the end I gave up my pride, leveled a bit, got some money and health drinks, then beat it. Why do I love this game again? Man.
[01/11/19] Castlevania: Just started playing 20 minutes ago. Finding some secret point items I never came across on previous attempts, in the first and second level. Currently trying to cross the gaps with the Medusa Heads in level 2. Already got game over on this part, but I'm optimistic.
[01/03/19] Castlevania II Simon's Quest: COMPLETED! Apparently Deborah Cliffs is not the name of a screen or larger area, you know like every other time a place was given a name in this game. No, it's the wall at the end of Jam Wasteland. Wall, meaning it's the bottom of the cliff, just to make it not at all easy for you. Eventually I just tried all the dead ends on my map and ended up finding the spot.
End screen here. My map here.
[01/02/19] Castlevania II Simon's Quest: Alright, got stuck for a few hours. Apparently there are a few more places I should have tried to "duck". Also downloaded the official manual since it tells you a couple of helpful things in there. After two or three more hours of being stuck I was on a roll again- found two mansions, three now down in total. Only, now I'm at a bit of a standstill again, but I'll try some things first before I look up any more hints. Particularly about the Red Crystal and Deborah Cliff- only, I still haven't found Deborah Cliff (I think?). Also, screw those slimes. Annoying little fuckers.
[01/01/19] Castlevania II Simon's Quest: With almost no knowledge going in, so far I'm surviving. Have the real obstacles yet to expose themselves?
[12/31/18] Princess Maker Refine: Started over half-way through a few times now, but I may be nearing the path of victory. Now if only my daughter could stop getting scared of things she could one-round. Apparently it's a bug...